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We are proud to announce our exclusive international distribution agreement with Aero Precision.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

8-25-20 UPDATE - Aero Precision Merger with Kellstrom Defense:

All Clear is the military aftermarket industry’s leading provider of mission-ready solutions, providing excellence in sustainment for the U.S. militaries and its allies. All Clear was formed in 2020 by bringing together Aero Precision and Kellstrom Defense. Combined, All Clear now represents more than 55 years of defense aerospace sustainment experience and expertise. All Clear is focused on the bigger mission mindset of keeping militaries mission-ready. 

All Clear is a proud exclusive partner of Saint Industries, supplying value added aerial firefighting, humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) solutions to the world. "During devastating wild fire season, we could not be more proud to partner with the Saint Industries team to supply the SAFEST and most cost effective aerial firefighting solution on the market."  ​

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Exclusive International Distribution Agreement Announcement

Contact: Matt Schuler – Chief Strategy Officer

Simi Valley, CA March 4th, 2020-- Saint Industries (SII) is proud to announce our exclusive international distribution agreement with Aero Precision, a global leader in the military aftermarket distribution services industry.

SII is the Pioneer of PCADS™, (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System), which was developed to combat and contain wildfires. PCADS™, along with their patented High-Altitude Low Opening (HALO) technology, ensures drop zone precision and extensive ground coverage which is optimal during critical aerial missions to ensure the safety of those in the air and on the ground.

PCADS™ provides 24/7 firefighting capability with zero aircraft modifications and rapid aircraft loading for immediate wildfire combat. PCADS™ is the SAFEST and most economical aerial firefighting tool on the market.


In addition to aerial firefighting, PCADS™ can also be deployed in a variety of humanitarian aid applications including, illegal farm and vegetation eradication, oil spill containment, chemical and nuclear plant emergency management, and pest extermination.

SII also manufactures flexible tank systems, called Flexitanks, which are used for a variety of liquid bulk transportation and static storage applications. These flexitanks enable PCADS™ ground operations to ensure there is enough onsite storage of water and firefighting chemicals at all airbases and forward operating bases (FOB’S) in support of firefighting campaigns, no matter the location. Flexitanks are custom built from 250 USG (1,136 liters) up to 50K gallons or (190K liters) and are compatible with all fuels, firefighting chemicals, edible oils and potable water.

“In a time when wildfires devastate countries more than ever, Aero Precision is very pleased to bring Saint Industries’ revolutionary aerial firefighting system PCADS™ to the international market. Not only is PCADS™ highly effective and SAFER than other aerial firefighting systems, but it can be brought to action quickly with no aircraft modifications required.” said Adriana Wheeler, Director of Business Development at Aero Precision.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Aero Precision, this new partnership will enhance militaries firefighting capabilities around the world. PCADS™ is the NEXT Generation of Aerial Firefighting, SAFETY and cost effectiveness is critical now more than ever in the battle against the global wildfire pandemic. Aero Precision will drive this new aerial delivery technology to the International market and is a perfect complement to their portfolio in the military sector. We look forward to working with Aero Precision in our goal to provide every military the next generation aerial firefighting system that is PCADS™”, said Ty Bonnar, CEO at Saint Industries.

About Saint Industries

SII is based in the heart of wildfire country, Simi Valley, California. SII was established to fulfill current operational voids in aerial delivery solutions for both governments and private sectors. Our focus is aimed towards maximizing SAFETY and aerial firefighting capabilities with PCADS™. SII proudly manufactures all of our products 100% in the USA.

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About Aero Precision, now Aero Precision/Kellstrom Defense

Aero Precision/Kellstrom Defense is a leader in aviation aftermarket sustainment solutions with over 25 years of proven performance. Providing the global market with reliable, high quality products and premier service. Aero Precision/Kellstrom Defense is a proud exclusive partner of Saint Industries, supplying value added aerial firefighting, humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) solutions to the world.

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