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Ty Bonnar PCADS Inventor

Ty Bonnar is the CEO and inventor of PCADS™, a visionary from Adelaide, South Australia. He has devoted his life to custom fabricating a wide range of solutions for both military and commercial use, including firefighting equipment, liquid bulk storage and transportation, disaster relief, air drop technology, and humanitarian aid.


With over two decades of experience working with prominent organizations such as Boeing Phantom Works, United States Air Force, Navy, Army, and the Air National Guard, Ty has transformed PCADS™ into the most effective, safe, and cost-efficient solution for battling wildfires in adverse weather conditions. Ty's expertise and experience have allowed him to build a highly skilled and professional team to provide training, education, and coordination for all firefighting needs.


Matt Schuler is the Chief Strategy Officer with a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and logistics industry, particularly in disaster response, humanitarian aid, and other CBRNE/HADR applications. He is a specialist in providing startups and established companies with innovative growth strategies. Matt's background includes manufacturing and R&D projects, as well as custom fabrication and business development programs. This diverse experience allows him to bring a depth of knowledge to the table.

In his role as Chief Strategy Officer, Matt works closely with heads of state and military departments, serving as the primary point of contact between clients, project managers, and governments/NGOs. He is always on the move, traveling the world to meet with clients and partners to guarantee the success of their projects.


Brigadier General Harold "Cec" Reed, USAF/ANG (Ret) is the Governmental Affairs Officer for Saint Industries.

Cec is a renowned expert on the C-130 aircraft, having graduated from the Air Force Academy and retiring after 44 years of distinguished military service. He was awarded 27 decorations for his exceptional career and currently holds the position of National Guard Association (NGAUS) Air Resolution Chair. Cec has previously served as the Chairman of the Air Directorate Field Advisory Council, C-130 Weapons System Council, and C-130 Operations Group Council.

Cec held several high-ranking positions in the US Air Force, including serving as the Chief of Staff of the 153rd Airlift Wing of the Wyoming Air National Guard and as an Assistant to the Commander of the 18th Air Force at Scott Air Force Base. This base, home to the Major Command Air Mobility Command (AMC), plays a vital role in providing crucial support for global mobility and sustenance for America's armed forces, as well as delivering humanitarian aid both domestically and internationally.

Cec is known for his innovative thinking, having made a major impact on his field by pioneering the use of Night Vision Goggles in 1994. He has extensive experience flying low-altitude air drop and firefighting missions at night and safer high-altitude low-opening delivery missions. Throughout his career, Cec accumulated over 10,000 flight hours, including 2,000 in combat operations as part of the first squadron to utilize the NVG capabilities he helped develop during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.


SMSgt Troy Firzlaff, USAF (Ret) is the Director of Operations for Saint Industries.

Troy is a seasoned USAF veteran with over 21 years of experience. Throughout his military career, he served in various capacities including as an Evaluator/Instructor, C-17 Loadmaster, and MAJCOM Exercise Coordinator. He has hands-on experience in Combat Airdrop, Test and Evaluation, Project Development, Program Management, and acted as Airdrop Malfunction Review Officer.

Troy was responsible for leading the Joint Base Self-Inspection Program and was instrumental in supervising numerous emergency management exercises. He also played a key role in several large-scale MAJCOM-level acquisitions as a Test Manager, including the High-Speed/Extracted CDS, T-11 Paratrooper Chute Transition for the US Army, Improved Container Delivery System (ICDS) Dropsonde 3.0, JPADS (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System) 2K/4K/10K, and the Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS).


MSgt Marc Martindale, USAF (Ret) is the Special Projects & Training Director for Saint Industries.

Marc Martindale is a highly experienced and knowledgeable individual who brings a wealth of expertise to the Saint Industries team. He is a retired USAF C-130 Loadmaster with 22 years of experience in various areas such as combat airdrop, test and evaluation, joint airdrop inspection, program management, and liaison work with government agencies.


He has extensive experience in managing and being the Chair of numerous programs at the Department of Defense and has interfaced with multiple military departments, civilian entities, and government agencies. He has authored several test plans and procedures and overseen rail-car impact tests and ammunition rigging designs.

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