Ty Bonnar PCADS Inventor

Ty Bonnar - CEO & Inventor of PCADS™

Originally hailing from Adelaide in South Australia,  Ty has spent a lifetime custom fabricating a wide range of solutions for military and commercial applications including firefighting equipment, liquid bulk storage & transportation, disaster relief, air drop technology & humanitarian aid.

Since 2002 Ty has worked with the Boeing Phantom Works division, USAF, US Army, ANG and Congress to create PCADS™ into what it is today as the most scalable, safe & economical method to fight wildfires during the harshest weather events.

Taking his lifetime of knowledge providing solutions to any problems and tackling any challenge that comes his way, Ty has built the most knowledgeable and professional team available to train, educate & coordinate for any of your firefighting needs. 


Matt Schuler - Chief Strategy Officer

Matt is a manufacturing and logistics SME that specializes in chemicals for disasters, humanitarian aid and other CBRNE/HADR applications. Whether companies are in startup phase or need growth and expansion with new strategies or innovative ideas, Matt can handle the challenge.  Matt brings a lifetime of manufacturing  and Research and Development experience from public/private and military projects, along with experience in custom fabrication and business development programs.  In addition to his industry experience, Matt is our liaison between clients, project managers and governments/NGOs.

Catch him if you can, Matt is usually traveling meeting our clients & partners around the world. 



Brigadier Gen. Harold “Cec” Reed, USAF/ANG (R) - Governmental Affairs

Cec is a distinguished C-130 Subject Matter Expert that originally attended the Air Force Academy and retired with over 44 years of dedicated military service earning 27 awards and decorations during his outstanding career. Cec is currently the National Guard Association (NGAUS) Air Resolution Chair and formerly served as Chairman of the Air Directorate Field Advisory Council, C-130 Weapons System Council & C-130 Operations Group Council. 

Cec served front and center for the US Air Force being Dual-Hatted as the Chief of Staff of the Wyoming Air National Guard 153rd Airlift Wing and Assistant to the Commander, 18th Air Force, Scott Air Force Base, the home of the USAF Major Command Air Mobility Command (AMC). AMC’s mission is to provide rapid, global mobility and sustainment of America’s armed forces and plays a crucial role providing humanitarian support both at home and abroad.

Cec is a catalyst for positive change and an out of the box thinker that pioneered the first use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG) in 1994, has extensive expertise in flying air drop and firefighting missions from low altitudes at night along with safer high altitude low opening (HALO) aerial delivery missions. During his career, Cec flew more than 9,000 flight hours, 2,000 of which were in combat as the first squadron to use the NVG capabilities he helped develop during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.


SMSgt Troy Firzlaff, USAF (R) - Director of Operations

Troy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his career with over 21 years with the USAF as an Evaluator/Instructor, C-17 Loadmaster & MAJCOM Exercise Coordinator. His career consisted of Combat Airdrop, Test and Evaluation, Project Development, Program Management and Airdrop Malfunction Review Officer.


Troy led the Joint Base Self-Inspection Program, oversaw numerous Emergency Management Exercises, and was the Test Manager for multiple large MAJCOM-level program acquisitions; including High-Speed/Extracted CDS, US Army’s T-11 Paratrooper Chute Transition, Improved Container Delivery System (ICDS) Dropsonde 3.0, JPADS (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System) 2K/4K/10K, and WGRS (Wireless Gate Release System).


MSgt Marc Martindale, USAF (R) - Special Projects & Training

Marc brings an abundance of experience and knowledge to the Saint Industries Team.  He is a retired USAF C-130 Loadmaster with over 22 years of experience consisting of Combat Airdrop, Test and Evaluation, Joint Airdrop Inspector, Program Management and Air Force Liaison Officer at the US Army Natick Solider Research and Engineering Center.   


Marc chaired numerous DoD level programs and interfaced with multiple military departments, civilian entities, and government agencies.  The programs included High-Speed/Extracted CDS, JPADS and Humanitarian aid.  He authored multiple Army Developmental Proposed Test Plans and the C-130J Extraction Package procedures.  He also oversaw multiple Rail-car impact tests and certified ammo rigging designs.


Captain Rich Sauer (R) - Wildland FireFighting SME

Rich is a 30 year Firefighter, with a wealth of experience directly from the front lines of California's firestorms. Rich reached rank of Fire Captain for a large Southern California County Fire Department and is a wildland fire expert.  Working wildland fires for years training and being a Division Chief on numerous massive fire conflagrations during his career.

He is an advocate for firefighters on and off the job and promotes health on the job, from diet to lifestyle.  Rich is always promoting smart choices on job and tactics, with SAFETY being the most important. 

Rich also believes in innovation in the fire service. Change is a good thing and promotes best and practical practices for all involved in firefighting.  He believes that Air Attack must evolve!