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National Guard Magazine - Additions to the DomOps Toolkit for natural disasters

Engineers and scientists are developing new tools and adopting the latest warfighting technology to deal with domestic disasters. NGAUS January 2018

PCADS™ - Is the ONLY Containerized Aerial Delivery System for FireFighting (CAFFS) that received the US contract for Congressional funding for a new Aerial FireFighting system, requested by the US Air Force and we delivered.

PCADS™ Is the first CAFFS system to be accepted and approved for use with US Military air drop ready squadrons enabling 24/7 wildfire response and SAFE HALO drop methods.

PCADS™ Is the only CAFFS system contracted with and currently dropping PCADS™ on live fires (direct attack & suppression), with the Royal Thai Air Force.

PCADS™ Is the SAFEST and most proven way to efficiently fight these fires around the clock with military precision under extreme conditions while all other aircraft are grounded.

PCADS™ NOT just a Simple Box, PCADS™ is an approved Aerial FireFighting method after being tested under the strictest US Military guidelines and protocols with over a decade of R&D, including hundreds of test drops to back us up.

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