PCADS™ started with a partnership between Saint Industries Inc (SII), Boeing C-17 Phantom Works and the USAF to solve the problem of aerial tanker capacity during multiple outbreak situations around the world.  From that partnership, we collaborated with Government & Industry experts to create the SAFEST & most economical aerial delivery system in the world.

We are proud to announce that PCADS™ is the only CDS system that won the US Government bid and Congressional Funding for the design and implementation of this technology due to our focus on SAFETY and AFFORDABILITY.  


In 2008, $2.32M in Congressional Funding was secured to develop the CDS Firefighting Program at the request of USAF.  After a decade of working in conjunction with U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), USAF, ANG, US Forest Service (USFS), Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) & Air Mobility Command (AMC), PCADS™ won operational approval (OUE) in 2018 for what is now known as the Containerized Aerial FireFighting System (CAFFS) Program, or simply referred to as PCADS™.  

During the R&D and testing phase, over 1500 PCADS™ were airdropped and the system evolved into a high performance, engineered airdrop system; not just a simple box.  Several industry firsts were achieved including our patented HALO technology which provides the user community with the SAFEST & ONLY aerial firefighting system that can be deployed from a level flight profile, at night, during high wind events, over multi-level terrain and at various altitudes SAFELY above smokey skies and unstable air.  

PCADS™ Timeline

Saint Industries is based in Simi Valley, California, the heart of wildfire country and was established to fill current operational voids in aerial delivery solutions for both governments and private sectors. PCADS™ primary use is for direct and indirect aerial firefighting strategies, with a secondary focus on Humanitarian Aid and other Air Drop applications.

Our team includes Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from wildland firefighting, the US Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force & career California Fire Chiefs. Our global team is the most experienced Aerial Firefighting & Air Drop SME's in the world, capable of providing the highest level of wildfire and Air Drop education possible.  

To date, over 3,000 PCADS have been deployed successfully and proven to be not just a simple box, but a highly engineered liquid delivery solution whenever disasters call for it.    


PCADS is ready to answer the call, no annual contracts needed, and we'll Bring The Rain! 

The Team

Do you have Questions for our team?  Contact us at: BringTheRain@SaintIndustries.com


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