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Jedis, Spoc & PCADS™ to Enhance Aerial FireFighting

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

RTAF using Jedis, Spoc & PCADS™ to Enhance Aerial FireFighting Effectiveness

Contact: Matt Schuler – Chief Strategy Officer

Simi Valley, CA March 30th, 2020 - Saint Industries (SII) is proud to be a part of the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) latest innovation helping RTAF conquer the final frontier with their new high-tech approach to firefighting using a special unit of “Jedis” operating with SPOC technology and PCADS™. In order to get there, RTAF plans on incorporating data from their new Napa-1 & Napa-2 earth observation satellites along with the PCADS™ aerial firefighting system to help fight wildfires! With these new satellites, which are expected to be launched in the next several months, RTAF will be able to better locate hot spots in bushfire areas so that firefighting efforts can be focused more effectively. All this to combat the regional wildfires as well as an effort to combat air pollution known as ASEAN HAZE.

"Planes and helicopters need to know the exact locations where they can use their Precision Container Aerial Delivery Systems to release water and chemicals to tame the wildfires," AVM Supijjarn said.

RTAF has been deploying PCADS™ since 2016, currently this 19/20 Fire Season RTAF “Lucky” Squadron, Wing 6 has flown multiple fire activations with multiple C-130’s adding to their FireFighting capabilities and now by leveraging space technology to continue being as innovative as possible, they are the leaders of FireFighting Effort and Education in the ASEAN community. RTAF are true visionaries deploying the latest technologies including Sky Scout drones, cloud seeding missiles, PCADS™ and now earth observation satellites to help combat and resolve the current problems that plague the region.

Article by Wassana Nanuam: Air force set to conquer final frontier

Special report: RTAF's first satellite will fight fires, bust pollution and look for spies…

Saint Industries is the Pioneer of PCADS™, (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System), which was developed to combat and contain wildfires via aerial delivery. PCADS™, along with their patented High-Altitude Low Opening (HALO) technology ensuring drop zone precision for highest ground coverage which is optimal during critical aerial firefighting missions to ensure the safety of those in the air and on the ground.

PCADS™ provides 24/7 firefighting capability with zero aircraft modifications and rapid aircraft loading for immediate wildfire combat. PCADS™ is the SAFEST and most economical aerial firefighting tool on the market for liquid aerial delivery. Converting transports such as the C-130 Hercules into Large Air Tankers for the aerial firefighting mission.


In addition to aerial firefighting, PCADS™ is also deployed in a variety of humanitarian aid applications such as illegal farm and vegetation eradication, oil spill containment, chemical and nuclear plant mitigation, and pest extermination.

Saint Industries also manufactures flexible tank systems, called Flexitanks, which are used for a variety of liquid bulk transportation and static storage applications. These flexitanks enable PCADS™ ground operations to ensure there is enough onsite storage of water and firefighting chemicals at all airbases and forward operating bases (FOB’S) in support of firefighting campaigns, no matter the location. Flexitanks are custom built from 250 USG (1,136 liters) up to 50K gallons or (190K liters) and are compatible with all fuels, firefighting chemicals, edible oils and potable water.

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