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We are dedicated & passionate in providing innovative solutions for a wide array of wildland firefighting needs.


PCADS™ - Aerial Wildfire Suppression Technology


PCADS™ - Precision Container Aerial Delivery System


Our featured product, PCADS™ has the capability to fight wildfires 24/7.  Saving lives, properties & our natural resources has become the crucial mission for PCADS™.  

Our goal is to provide every government around the world with the SAFEST and most economical aerial firefighting technology.

We offer a variety of suppression chemicals, gels and water enhancers as part of our complete PCADS™ delivery system.


PCADS™ are Simple, Cost Effective and Safe!

HDU™ - Home Defense Units


SII custom fabricates solutions to help fight fires when you are the last line of defense between your property, loved ones & the encroaching fires.

Whether you need a firefighting pump & hose, extra water storage, or environmentally friendly and lawn safe non hazardous fire gel/retardant we have a HDU™ solution that can fit your needs.

HDU™ is easy to operate, affordable & training is included with each purchase.

HDU™ your last line of defense.

Aerial Firefighting, PCADS, CAFFS, USFS Approved CDS Firefighting system


  • Standard Air Drop (AD) Cut Knives - Metallic & Non-Metallic

  • Time Delay Cutters - Mechanical & Standard

  • Wireless Gates Systems & Container Delivery System (CDS) Rigging Materials

  • 25,000 K-Loaders - USAF Spec & US Made

  • Buffer Stop Assemblies (BSA)

  • Center Vertical Restraint (CVR)


  • PCADS™ Training & Certification

  • Tactical: State, Federal & Military CDS/ADS Air Drop Training

  • Air Drop Ground Crew: K-Loader Operational Training

  • Load Master: Wireless Gate Operations

  • Wildfire Rapid Response Management Team Training





Do you have a Firefighting need that is not currently being fulfilled?  We can turn your idea into reality with our in-house design team for any prototyping, injection molding, CNC, custom corrugated products and other needs.  Let our experienced fabrication team go to task for you and build you a custom solution!  


We provide turn-key Aerial Delivery Services capable of operating multiple C-130 type aircraft with aircrews, ground crews and support staff anytime, CONUS/OCONUS, for short or long term contracts. 

Please contact us at:    BringTheRain@SaintIndustries.com





     Saint Industries Inc (SII) is based in the heart of wildfire country, Simi Valley, California.  SII was established to fulfill current operational voids in aerial delivery solutions for both governments and private sectors. PCADS™ primary application is for direct and indirect attack aerial firefighting strategies, with a secondary focus of Humanitarian Air Drop applications.

     The SII staff is a global team of wildland firefighting professionals including former US Air Force (USAF) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-130 experts, as well as, career California Fire Chiefs who are Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) in their respective fields. The SII staff is the most experienced Aerial Firefighting Team in the world providing the highest level of wildfire and Air Drop education possible.  

PCADS™ is the only CDS Firefighting Program that won the US Government bid and Congressional Funding

     In 2008, $2.32M in Congressional Funding was secured to develop a CDS Firefighting Program at the request of USAF.  PCADS™ was the system of choice for the US Government and the R&D contract, after working in conjunction with U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), USAF, ANG, US Forest Service (USFS), Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) & Air Mobility Command (AMC) to develop what is now known as Containerized Aerial FireFighting System (CAFFS) Program, or simply referred to as PCADS™.  We teamed with Government & Industry experts to create the SAFEST & most economical aerial delivery firefighting system in the world.

     During R&D and testing, over 1500 PCADS™ were airdropped and the system evolved into a high performance, engineered airdrop system; not just a simple box.  Several industry firsts were developed and achieved including our patented technology which provides the user community with the SAFEST aerial firefighting system that can be deployed from a level flight profile, at night, high winds, over multi-level terrain and at various altitudes safely above smoke and unstable air.  


  • PCADS™ are roll on/roll off bundles that were built following the CDS standard for all Air Force airdrops internationally.  The CDS enables day or night wildfire attack operations with PCADS™ when traditional air tankers are unable to fly during high wind events, low visibility & at night allowing the fires to grow.  

  • PCADS™ can precision drop 1650-11,000 gallons of fire gel or retardant depending on airframe.

  • PCADS™ are the safest & most cost effective aerial firefighting solution when comparing cost & volume delivered of all aerial wildfire support operations, including the most widely used Very Large Air Tankers (VLAT) aircraft.

  • PCADS™ convert all air drop capable aircraft, with an aft cargo ramp, to join the fire fight rapidly for immediate wildfire attack.

  • PCADS™ have been tested and certified by USRDEC, USAF, AMC & ATTLA.

  • PCADS™ can setup Forward Operating Bases (FOB) anywhere to minimize distance to drop zones to increase operational efficiency.  

PCADS™ Advantages over all other Aerial Firefighting Systems

  • MAFFS/RADS cost $5.3M to $9M per system, require expensive retainer contracts, lead planes, timely and expensive aircraft modifications, high maintenance costs, and have a lifetime of approximately only 2 years (based on current US Gov't estimates).

  • MAFFS/RADS operations only provide fire suppression and NOT direct attack like PCADS™ 

  • PCADS™ can fly 24/7, deploy safely at high or low altitudes & during high wind & heat events, MAFFS/RADS cannot.

  • PCADS™ can deploy the "RAIN" at 150-250 AGL, regardless of drop altitude, using our patented HALO and vertical restraint systems.

  • PCADS™ do not require unsafe dive bombing into drop zones.

  • PCADS™ are rapidly deployable & fully operational within a short time frame.

  • PCADS™ increase the firefighting capacity over any comparable method in the same aircraft.

  • PCADS™ require minimal ground crew versus MAFFS/RADS operations of 70-80 ground personnel plus flight crews.

     PCADS™ High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) capability is the ONLY CAFFS system that can deliver impressive coverage levels, on target every time, at altitudes from 350-5000 Above Ground Level (AGL).


       The PCADS™ concept started from a partnership with the Boeing C-17 Phantom Works division and USAF to solve the void in aerial tanker capacity during multiple outbreak situations around the world.  PCADS™ is the only source for HALO dropping firefighting chemicals either directly into live fires or for indirect suppression strategies using all available cargo planes, SAFELY at altitude.

PCADS™ vs VLAT Airtanker Operations 

Air frame Comparisons - PCADS™ vs MAFFS (I/II) 


Volume Per Drop

PCADS™ - 4,400 USG

MAFFS - 2,500 USG to 3,000 USG

PCADS™ Advantage vs MAFFS

PCADS™  +  1,400-1,900 USG

PCADS™  =  1.5 to 1.8 x VPD*


Volume Per Drop

PCADS™ - 5,500 USG

MAFFS - 2,500 USG to 3,000 USG

PCADS™ Advantage vs MAFFS

PCADS™  +  2,500-3,000 USG

PCADS™  =  1.8 to 2.2 x VPD

Volume Per Drop

PCADS™ - 11,000 USG

MAFFS - No Comparable System

C-17 PCADS™ vs PCADS™ w/C-130

C-17 PCADS™ + 5,500-6,600 USG

C-17 PCADS™  =  2 to 2.5 x VPD





Ty Bonnar - CEO & Inventor of PCADS™

Originally hailing from Adelaide in South Australia,  Ty has spent a lifetime custom fabricating a wide range of solutions for military and commercial applications including firefighting equipment, liquid bulk storage & transportation, disaster relief, air drop technology & humanitarian aide.

Since 2002 Ty has worked with the Boeing Phantom Works division, USAF, US Army, ANG and Congress to create PCADS™ into what it is today as the most scalable, safe & economical method to fight wildfires during the harshest weather events.

Taking his lifetime of knowledge providing solutions to any problems and tackling any challenge that comes his way, Ty has built the most knowledgeable and professional team available to train, educate & coordinate for any of your firefighting needs. 

Harold “Cec” Reed - Governmental Affairs, USAF Brigadier Gen. (ret.)

General Reed served the Air Force with distinction for 40 years, earning 27 awards and decorations during his outstanding career. He served as Chief of Staff for the Wyoming Air National Guard and he was dual hatted as Assistant to the Commander,18th Air Force Scott AFB.


General Reed is a C-130 Subject Matter Expert; commanded the Air Expeditionary Group during the 2005 MAFFS season and Hurricane Katrina support efforts, working through 1st Air Force. General Reed served as chairman of the Air Directorate Field Advisory Council from 2007-2009, and he has championed PCADS™ capabilities for years and understands the needs for militaries to have a CDS firefighting system. 

Troy Firzlaff - Director of Operations, SMSgt (ret.)

Troy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. Troy is a retired USAF Evaluator/Instructor & C-17 Loadmaster with over 21 years of experience consisting of Combat Airdrop, Test and Evaluation, Project Development, Program Management and Airdrop Malfunction Review Officer.


Troy led the Joint Base Self-Inspection Program, oversaw numerous Emergency Management Exercises, and was the Test Manager for multiple large MAJCOM-level program acquisitions; including High-Speed/Extracted CDS, US Army’s T-11 Paratrooper Chute Transition, Improved Container Delivery System (ICDS) Dropsonde 3.0, JPADS (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System) 2K/4K/10K, and WGRS (Wireless Gate Release System).

Rich Sauer - Wildland FireFighting SME

Rich is a 30 year Firefighter, with a wealth of experience directly from the front lines of California's firestorms. Rich reached rank of Fire Captain for a large Southern California County Fire Department and is a wildland fire expert.  Working wildland fires for years training and being a Division Chief on numerous massive fire conflagrations during his career.

He is an advocate for firefighters on and off the job and promotes health on the job, from diet to lifestyle.  Rich is always promoting smart choices on job and tactics, with SAFETY being the most important. 

Rich also believes in innovation in the fire service. Change is a good thing and promotes best and practical practices for all involved in firefighting.  He believes that Air Attack must evolve!   

Marc Martindale - Special Projects & Training MSgt USAF (ret.)

Marc brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Saint Industries Team.  He is a retired USAF C-130 Loadmaster with over 22 years of experience consisting of Combat Airdrop, Test and Evaluation, Joint Airdrop Inspector, Program Management and Air Force Liaison Officer at the US Army Natick Solider Research and Engineering Center.   


Marc chaired numerous DoD level programs and interfaced with multiple military departments, civilian entities, and government agencies.  The programs included High-Speed/Extracted CDS, JPADS and Humanitarian aide.  He authored multiple Army Developmental Proposed Test Plans and the C-130J Extraction Package procedures.  He also oversaw multiple Rail-car impact tests and certified ammo rigging designs.

Matt Schuler - Global PCADS™ Liaison

Matt is a consultant that specializes in the manufacturing & chemical logistics industries. Whether they are in startup phase or need growth and expansion with new strategies or innovative ideas, Matt can handle any corporate challenge.  He brings a lifetime of manufacturing experience including marketing, R & D, machine shop operations, coordinating business development programs, as well as, liaison between clients and state/local governments to leverage grant based programs and other financial or tax incentive programs.

Catch him if you can, Matt is constantly traveling internationally meeting our clients & partners, so please contact us to arrange onsite meetings at your convenience.

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